Meet Mr. Finnley's

Welcome to the world of Mr. Finnley's, where we believe in the power of authenticity and traditional craftsmanship of men's craft. Our compact and versatile product range has been carefully designed to meet the needs of every barber, hairdresser and hairstylist. From nourishing and refreshing shampoos to nourishing beard products and refined pomades and styling products, we have everything a man needs to maintain his style and grooming at home or in the hands of a professional. Mr. Finnley's is available exclusively in salons and barbershops, providing a personal and professional experience for every gentleman.

Grooming your hair or taking care of your beard is a lifestyle where style, the right products, your personality and charm come together. As a barbershop/gentlemen's salon, you also want to distinguish yourself from others, show your own uniqueness and, above all, express and convey your own style. Making a statement that focuses on dedication to the timeless values ​​of style, respect and knowledge and expertise. Mr. Finnley's brings back old values, focusing on the art of nurturing, the ritual of self care and the pride of looking and feeling your best. Welcome to Mr. Finnley's, a world where every man is a gentleman. Discover Mr. Finnley's and share with us the passion of true craftsmanship and authentic men's care through our products enriched with modern technology and the unique experience for modern gentlemen. 

You may have heard the name Finnley's before and that may be true. Finnley's Haircosmetics is a Dutch hairdressing brand exclusively for salons and we have been around for almost 7 years now. With more than 2,500 enthusiastic ambassadors, we have gained a lot of expertise and our ambassadors are both our information and a source of inspiration, and so it is with Mr. Finnley's. They are asked for advice on all products that we want to develop, produce or that they themselves propose. They test and assess and we adjust what needs to be improved. We received more and more requests for good men's products, but we also noticed that this branch of the industry is very specific and cannot simply be developed without the right expertise and that is what we started looking for.

Why Mr. Finnley's

The men's profession is more than just cutting men's hair, beards, shaving and advising the right products. It is craftsmanship and Mr.Finnley's wants to revive the authenticity of the men's trade, stimulate entrepreneurship through luxurious quality products, a strong range of care, styling, shaving and beard products through a community in which the entrepreneur/barber or hairstylist has a say. and is supported and inspired. Mr. Finnley's is for every barber, hairdresser or hairstylist who stands for the craftsmanship in the men's trade, who understands the etiquette of elegance and the development of true gentlemen, which starts with the right hairstyle. A barber/gentlemen's hairdresser who uses luxury products to create the perfect look that matches the lifestyle of their target group and at the same time radiates class, self-confidence and strength.

Together with barbers and men's hairdressers, we want to create a lifestyle that focuses on old-fashioned gentlemen's etiquette in a modern world, where beautiful, healthy hair and the application of gentlemen's crafts such as cutting and shaving contribute to the self-confidence and development of true gentlemen. Our goal is, with our Mr. Finnley's products and your expertise as a men's hairdresser/barber can give every man self-confidence. This allows them to create a lifestyle that matches the luxury, warmth, class and wisdom of real gentlemen and also matches the appearance of the modern barber/hairdresser of our time.

Mr. Finnley's concept

Unfortunately, we see many barber brands that are no longer 100% exclusive to the barber/hairdresser. Too often we see that the products are available online or even offline as they expire. Mr. Finnley's is exclusive, we understand better than anyone that this is very annoying and undesirable as an entrepreneur that when you have provided good advice, your customer will look where your recommended product is the cheapest. Mr. Finnley's is 100% exclusive for you as a barber/hairdresser. Every Mr.Finnley's barber/hairdresser signs a cooperation agreement in which we both agree that we will NOT offer ANYTHING online or sell to third parties such as barber shops, wholesalers or other stores. These rules are also strictly enforced. The loan concept that we have developed is also part of this and relieves every entrepreneur in the industry. It provides clarity and extremely little risk for the entrepreneur with maximum profit opportunities.

Do you want to start with Mr. Finnley's? Then we offer you the unique 'Mr. Finnley's Loan Concept. This loan concept offers you the entire Mr. Finnley's styling, care, shaving and beard range without having to pay the total purchase value. You essentially borrow it and pay a deposit - just like when renting a car, for example. In the case of Mr. At Finnley's we are talking about a deposit amount of € 195. So that is an easy and financially accessible way to start immediately and make a profit from the sale of these unique men's products.

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