Good styling should not be missing in creating a unique experience and creating your gentlemen's haircut; a black strong wax, a volume Spray or an extra firm or matte wax? The STYLE Collection from Mr. Finnley's is compact and has a suitable styling product for every hair type or structure to complete the experience. You can combine and the wonderful scent is unisex, suitable for every man and not overpowering.

Mr. Finnley's Fiber Paste is a fiber paste with strong fixation and matte finishing. You apply the Fiber Créme to dry hair so that the fibers in the product provide volume, texture and body.

We're going Old School with Pomade No. 5 . An extra strong pomade that does not harden. The hair can be restyled at any time. Gives the hair texture and a shiny finish. Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands and distribute through dry hair. Available in 100ml. 

Gel Spray , Is a flexible gel spray for strong fixation and long shelf life of the coupe. Gives natural shine. Spray the desired amount over the hair after styling. Available in 150ml.

Glue is a gel with an extreme hold factor 5 and is available in 150ml.

Grooming Cream, Is a styling cream with medium hold factor and glossy finish. Divide between palms, apply to damp hair. Available in 100ml.

Jam , Is a volume gel with a strong hold factor. Divide between palms and apply to wet or dry hair. Available in 150ml.

Dust gives your hair volume in the places where you want to create volume. The easy application pump allows you to apply the Dust to specific locations. Apply a small amount and massage through the hair with your fingertips. If desired, you can further style the hair with a wax, gel spray, cream or pomade. Available in 60ml.

Matt Wax is a matte styling wax paste with a hold factor 5 and a matte finish. Available in 100ml.

Extra Strong Wax is a pomade with a very strong hold factor 5 and a glossy finish. Available in 100ml.

Salty Mist is a texture spray for a rough, tough look and feel. Gives a playful and rough texture to the hair. Spray over damp hair and style as desired. Available in 150ml. 

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