Shaving is also a complete ritual that starts with the Shave Cream. You can then care for the skin with a mild, nourishing After Shave Balm with soothing ingredients. The ritual only ends after the After Shave Lotion. Start your SHAVE ritual with one of these products.

Shave Cream has strong moisturizing properties due to lanolin, the skin of the face immediately looks softer and nourished. The menthol content reduces the strain on the razor and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being and prevents irritation during frequent shaving. Available in 200ml

After Shave Balm is a mild, soothing and caring balm that prevents skin irritation after shaving. Protects the skin against the burning sensation after shaving and will still feel healthy and supple long after use. Immediately soothes the skin, prevents irritations and reduces redness and dry skin after shaving. Available in 200ml.

After Shave Lotion, makes the skin soft and elastic. It prevents irritation after shaving. It leaves a long-lasting fresh feeling. Available in 200ml.

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