Mr. Finnley's education

Cay Kleeven & Yvonne Kok

For Mr. Finnley's education is also a community where we can inspire and motivate each other to support our profession and craft. Education is also ambassadorship, someone who has a passion for the profession, the craft, the products and likes to be inspired or motivated to discover new trends, techniques or products every time. Under the leadership of Creative Director Cay Kleeven and Yvonne Kok, an educational program is put together every six months in which the products are discussed and where the focus is mainly on inspiration and refinement of men's techniques such as haircuts, beards, shaving and facial treatments. 

We have 7 different education centers: Veenendaal (Finnley's HQ), Steenwijk, Weesp, Nijverdal, Tilburg, Bilzen(BE) and Mol(BE). Would you like to follow a seminar? Then this can be done at a location that is most favorable for you. Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Cay Kleeven has a diverse and extensive background in the hairdressing industry spanning three decades. He started his career as a hairdresser, specializing in both men's and women's hair. He honed his skills by participating in outside courses and competitions, constantly striving to improve his craft. Cay believes that men who want to look stylish should pay attention to every detail and embrace the charm of tradition and classics, while adding a modern touch that reflects their personality. He believes that education is a crucial part of the industry and always emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning.

As Creative Director of Mr. At Finnley's he is happy to use his expertise and training in the field of men's hair, beard, shaving and facial care according to his motto: LLL (Lifelong Learning)

We are proud of Yvonne Kok in our education team because with her knowledge and expertise of and about the men's profession we hope that together Mr. Finnley's even more fine-tuning. She lives with her son in Spakenburg and also has her own barber salon 'Mr. Handsome'. Yvonne has already participated several times in the Coiffure Awards and also won 2nd prize with her collection. Not only does she participate in competitions in the Netherlands, but jury members have also noticed her internationally. She took 1st place at the International Beauty Awards in New York last year. Something you can be extremely proud of when you stand next to other big names. Yvonne has her own style: when a customer comes into her chair, she looks at what she is going to do and what technique she is going to use; but above all what suits the customer best. Yvonne creates unique hairstyles, has the technical skills, but knows better than anyone how to convert these skills into a creative cut, which even contains all the techniques if necessary.

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