An ode to the beard with the Mr. Finnley's BEARD Collection. We know them, the three-day beards, epic long beards or the natural and subtle beard. With beard soap, conditioner and oil, every man turns his beard into a (subtle) work of art.

Beard Soap is a shampoo with a cleansing and softening effect and can be used to clean and discipline beard and mustache. This specific SLES and SLS-free formula uses delicate - non-aggressive and non-irritating - surfactants and is therefore suitable for the most sensitive facial skin types. Cleans effectively and gently, leaving beard and mustache velvety soft. The natural composition of aloe, myrtle and juniper oils are known for their healing, soothing and calming properties. How to use: apply to a damp beard and mustache, massage and rinse. Available in 100ml.

Beard Conditioner is a soothing balm that moisturizes and softens any type of beard and mustache, leaving face and hair feeling silky soft. This special formula rich in natural extracts and essential oils of olive, aloe, myrtle and juniper together with revitalizing panthenol makes this beard and mustache conditioner absolutely effective as a softener even for the most unruly and unruly beards. How to use: apply to a damp beard and mustache, allow to work in and rinse. Available in 100ml.

Beard Oil is a silicone-free, natural and soothing oil. Rich in natural extracts and essential oils of almond, argan, olive and sesame seed and created to soften and smooth even the most unruly, curly beards. Provides a natural shine while protecting the beard against external influences, yellowing and dullness. How to use: Apply a small amount of the oil to the beard and mustache, massage gently until the product is completely absorbed. Do not rinse. Available in 50ml

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