Give your care ritual extra sensation with the products from the SENSATION Collection. The products provide cooling, stimulate blood circulation, soothe the skin and, above all, give a refreshing and clean feeling. You feel reborn, ready for a new day!

Ice Tonic is ice water in its purest form. A powerful refreshment through natural menthol crystals. Instructions for use for cooling: apply Ice Tonic to your forehead/scalp, neck or neck. To reduce headaches: rub a little ice water on the temples. Available in 150ml.

Essence, eau de perfume with a typical Mr. Finnley's scent. Available in 100ml.

Scalp Detox cleanses the scalp quickly and intensively and has an antibacterial effect. Cools, softens and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Use: shake vigorously, apply to palms and distribute over scalp, do not rinse. Available in 200ml.

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